PopCrunch Goes Viral | Online Tabloid Starts Celebrity Bashing TV Show

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PopCrunch Celebrity Bashing

In addition to their daily blogs, PopCrunch.com has started its own YouTube channel dedicated to their PopCrunch show. The show follows a similar style to other celebrity gossip shows, but does it better. Think of it as E! without rules.

Each episode focuses on the latest celebrity gossip and puts the usual PopCrunch spin on it: no holding back. So don’t be surprised to find out that the Latin Grammy winners were “Shakira’s ass and Enrique Iglesias’s mole”.

Episodes Online At The Moment:

A brutal beating of Britney Spears, Kid Rock, & Al Sharpton

Episode 0 of the HipHop Crunch Show

Currently, there are only two episodes available; however, a new episode is promised each week. If you’ve got a soft spot for celebrity bashing then this show’s for you!

[PopCrunch Show YouTube Channel]


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