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The always hot PopCrunch Show is back this week as usual with some tasteful jabs at your favorite celebrity screw-ups, nipple slips, raunchy pictures and celebrity violence. Be sure to watch the end where a scuffle occurs involving a stool.

Yes, the PopCrunch Show does acknowledge Heath Ledger’s death, but I’m glad they didn’t bash him. It’s possibly the first time in history that the show hasn’t ridiculed someone.

Miley Cyrus Bikini Pictures

And it looks like Britney’s “no panties stupidity” is beginning to rub off on another celebrity. Miley Cyrus’s (aka Hannah Montana) racy semi-naked swimsuit pictures were posted all over the internet this week. Doesn’t this remind you of what happened to Vanessa Hudgens? God, it’s as if Disney is the new “school of sluts”.

The bikini pictures are probably just innocent teen girls having fun, but someone needs to educate Miley that when photos of a hot and sexy celebrity are taken they have a way of landing on the internet.

[PopCrunch Website]

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