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Prince Poppycock Sings ‘Figaro’ Video | America’s Got Talent New York Auditions

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Prince Poppycock Sings ‘Figaro’ Video | America’s Got Talent New York Auditions

America’s Got Talent has three distinct types of auditionees: The really good, the really bad, and the surprise package. And it’s the latter group that makes the show worth watching.

Prince Poppycock belongs to that last group. He walks on and you think the act is going to be awful. Then he starts singing and he actually turns out to be good at what he does.

Prince Poppycock is one of the auditionees put through to the next round from the New York auditions. As can be seen in this video, he sang Figaro from The Barber Of Seville… while dressed as a prince from the baroque period.

The three judges clearly thought Prince Poppycock (or John to his friends) was going to suck. But he didn’t. Fighting Gravity may have stolen the show, but Prince Poppycock had a good go at doing so. And I’m glad we’ll see him again.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jo

    July 14, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    I loved the costume, the aria itself, and the presentation of the aria. But I can’t find out what happened to him. He was going to Hollywood from the Vegas trials but didn’t appear on the week 7 show. I know that he was ill and was having trouble singing, did he have to take himself out of the running? If so, that is too bad and I hope he can try again. I thought he was wonderful.

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