‘Propaganda’ Documentary Bashes American Media (Video) | Hurts When North Korea Is Right

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Tiger Woods, Brad and Angelina, Paris Hilton, GTA 4, MTV, and more are discussed in very negative light in this “documentary” made in North Korea.

This is only an excerpt of the full movie, but you’ll get the point. Some parts are so true that it’s upsetting.

I don’t know who this burry-faced narrator is, but he certainly is a smartass! The part I laughed at the most had to be where he talks about Katie Price. “Despite my research, it seems clear that she doesn’t actually do anything.”

Now, I don’t like Arnold Schwarzenegger either, but it should be noted that he can’t become president because he wasn’t born in the USA- not because of his scandal. When all is said and done, America is spoon-fed to idolize celebrities, while North Korea is forced to idolize their leader. I’d rather live here.

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