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Puking Girl On Plane Video | Sick!.. Literally

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Puking Girl On Plane Video | Sick!.. Literally

Yes, it’s funny, but man do I feel sorry for that girl. Because that really can’t have been a pleasant experience.

The premise of this video is pretty simple and straightforward: Two girls are flying in a small plane when the pilot decides to demonstrate one of his maneuvers.

Unfortunately, while one girl was enjoying herself, the other had her face in a sick bag vomiting at the time, and when the weightlessness kicked in, the puke flew back out of the bag and straight into her face.

This is funny to see, naturally, but i can’t help feeling a little sorry for her at the same time. As well as for the girl sat next to her. Both will have struggled to get the smell of vomit out of their hair for a good few weeks.

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