I’m much more a cat lover than I am a dog lover. I just prefer cats’ natures and they way they approach life. However, some dogs are brilliant, being friendly and playful, and bringing joy to to a household.

This dog is a perfect example, and it’s really enjoying babysitting the youngest member of the household. My only worry is whether it’s entirely safe, as all dogs carry the risk of turning into a snarling, vicious beast. Or am I biased?

I have no doubts that this dog is a lovable little rogue, and it seems to have a really nice relationship with the child. The child clearly loves the game he’s playing with the family pet.

At one point, though, the dog comes right up in the kid’s face and licks it. What if it had decided to bite? Dogs can, after all, get very jealous when a new member of the household arrives.

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