Rare Dave Chappelle’s First Def Comedy Jam (Video) | 1994 Stand-Up, Still Relevant

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If you’re like me, you’re missing Dave Chappelle’s witty humor. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but it seems like most mainstream comedians these days shy away from making the audience question their own beliefs and would rather perpetuate the popular ones.

Here’s a classic stand-up performance from back in 1994 in which Dave did just that.

Even though this clip is nearly 15 years old, it’s surprisingly relevant today. Rodney King may be old news, but the controversy surrounding N-word and homosexuality hasn’t changed for the most part.

Chappelle, as he states in this clip, moved to New York in the mid 90’s to pursue his stand-up career. Even at the young age of 21, it’s easy to see his comedic genius.

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