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Remember Jim Hellwig? He was known as “The Ultimate Warrior” and was one of the biggest pro wrestlers of the 90′s. Warrior may have officially retired back in 1999 and he may be approaching 50, but he’s still as kick-ass as ever.

And he’s determined to prove it with his comeback match on June 25th.


With only two weeks before his match, he has partnered with Dailymotion to promote his site through The site provides exclusive clips of him training before his fight against Orlando Jordan in Barcelona, Spain.

Inspire Warrior Contest

Viewers are encouraged to share their inspirational stories to help Warrior’s motivation. Authors of those that he likes best are sent the very same T-Shirts that Warrior himself trained in.

Exclusive Clip

Since warrior retired, he has been a motivational speaker speaking to colleges across the US. Throughout this clip, he addresses various questions about his past and, of course, tops it off with some inspirational speech.

[Warrior on Dailymotion]

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