This video supposedly shows a guy getting angry because he sucks at Rock Band, and smashing the guitar into his TV set. But all may not be as it seems.

You watch this once and it seems genuine enough. The guy can’t nail the guitar part of this song and swings at the television is complete anger. He smashes it in, at which point his friends sit either open-mouthed or giggling.

However, the whole thing could be a fake. For starters, where is the games console? Why is the TV not connected up to anything? The song didn’t end while they were playing, meaning they didn’t fail the song – so why the rage in the first place?

If this is indeed staged purely to get on YouTube then it’s worked. But the fact they were caught out means it isn’t a Rock Band Fail but is instead a ‘Trying To Get Away With It’ Fail. FAIL.

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