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The earthquake in Haiti has killed upwards of 100,000 people, and is a colossal tragedy that the world needs to come together to help deal with. Or we could sit around blaming the Haitians for it and claiming Barack Obama is somehow using it to score political points with the African American community.

Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson have chosen the latter option, with Limbaugh turning the event into a political football, and Pat Robertson raving that the earthquake is some kind of retaliation from God.

This video shows Keith Olbermann watching clips of the two men spouting their bile, and then discussing how they can be so stupid, ignorant, and downright nasty at this point in time.

Limbaugh was always bound to say something retarded like this – it’s his act, his way of staying employed and getting ratings. While Robertson is clearly a deluded old man who is confusing ‘facts’ with religious dogma.

Christian conservatives – who needs them? If God were truly interventionist then surely he’d take these two out with well-placed lightning strikes.

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