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Russia Wins Eurovision Video | Dimia Bilan’s Winning Song, “Believe”

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Russia Wins Eurovision Video | Dimia Bilan’s Winning Song, “Believe”

I admit it: I’m a Eurovision addict. The songs are cheesy, the costumes are ostentatious, and the presenters are far too enthusiastic, but I just can’t get enough.

This year’s winner was Russia with the song “Believe” performed by Dimia Bilan. It was a worthy victor, because it just embodies everything this competition is about.

Firstly we’ve got the pretty and passionate lead singer. I challenge you not to giggle as he’s rolling around on the floor!

Then we’ve got an equally passionate violinist. I’ve never really seen a solo violin player rock out to this extent, but in the true spirit of Eurovision he gives it everything he’s got.

But my favorite player here is the ice skater. Yes, the ice skater. Only in Eurovision would we put an ice skater in the middle of a musical act. He doesn’t have a lot of space to work with, but he still manages some stunning spins. I also love those artistic hand movements!

If Australia could vote, Dimia and his buddies would definitely have scored my twelve points. All that’s left to say is bring on Moscow 2009!

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