Most of us regularly travel by car. Although I don’t own one I still go in them often and rarely think about the safety aspects or what would happen in a crash. But it’s something we should maybe think about more, judging by this video.

It shows a crash test being conducted on a Chinese car. The car is driven into a wall at just 40mph, not much in real terms, and a much lower speed than most of us travel at most of the time. The result is scary as hell.

A well-made car from a trusted manufacturer would obviously be damaged in a crash like this but the vehicle would absorb the impact protecting the people traveling inside. As you can see, the same cannot be said for this Chinese-produced car.

The chassis of the car basically folds like paper, being crushed into nothingness rather than taking the force of the impact. Which means crash test dummy guy also ploughs into the wall, and is probably seriously injured in the process.

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