Scary Shark Face-Off Video | Surfer Gets Up Close & Personal With Great White Shark

31 sec read

There are certain animals none of us ever really wants to come face-to-face with. Lions and tigers scare the crap out of me, as do sharks and killer whales.

Which means this video has put me off ever going surfing.

I’m not great with water at the best of times. It’s the dark, the depths, the unknown quantity that freaks me out. Which means I don’t venture far from the beach on holiday and try to avoid taking to the water whenever possible.

And after seeing this video nothing has changed. In fact, it’s made me resolve to never enter the water of any stretch of coastline where there is a serious threat of being attacked by a killing machine such as a great white shark.

This guy doesn’t seem that bothered, however, and carries on filming despite being a long way from safety. Bravery or stupidity?


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