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Science Of Scams is a new web series/internet experiment designed by “a team on a global mission to make the world truly question the paranormal.”

Earlier this year, they scattered 7 paranormal hoax videos online (ghosts, ESP, Chi, etc) and now each week they are slowly revealing both the scam and the science behind each.

Hosts Kat and Derren certainly have impressive resumes. Kat studied at the University of Oxford and worked for the World Health Organization while Darren, a law student at Bristol, starred in the Channel 4 hit ‘Mind Control.’

Each week the duo confronts unexplainable paranormal activities and reveals how they actually work. If you’re a fan of Ouija Boards, “real” ghost sightings, and ESP, then this show might be hard to swallow.

Chi Energy Scam

As a fan of Chi energy (I’ve seen live demonstrations similar to the one in the clip), this video blew my mind. I still can’t believe I fell for some simple chemical reactions.

[Click To Watch ‘Science Of Scams’]

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