Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Music Videos, News, Reality TV and Video On Demand by Lauren Katulka on March 11, 2009

The finalists have been decided, and American Idol is now down to the nitty gritty. Michael Jackson Week proved challenging for most contestants, but it was a no brainer for blind singer Scott MacIntyre.

Scott has dared to be different in this competition, choosing more obscure songs and making them his own. While Simon Cowell may have preferred something he could sing along to, I think the obscure “Keep the Faith” allowed Scott to show who he really is.

Those big Michael Jackson songs are so iconic, they’re bound to trip people up. Say what you want about MJ, but when you perform his songs you’re destined to fall short. In doing something a little less obvious, Scott may have just secured another week on the show.

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