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Wouldn’t it be great if bad screen writing was illegal? Well, in this web series it is. ‘Script Cops’ is a hilarious online show in which screen writers are arrested for simply having bad scripts. No doubt The Writers Guild of America loves this show.

The man behind ‘Script Cops’ is indeed a screen writing professor who teaches at the University of Texas. Scott Rice, or “Chief” as he sometimes calls himself, has a pet peeve for bad scripts. “That makes me want to kill,” he says bluntly. Some of the movies he despises include Freddy Got Fingered, Titanic and Tommy Boy.


So don’t expect to find any zombies and/or ninjas in any ‘Script Cops’ episode. Episodes are usually only 1-3 minutes in length and focus on a stand off, take down, or low-speed car chase with the offending writer(s).

Episode 1: “Drop The Script!”

Here’s the very first episode of ‘Script Cops’ where police have to shakedown a hopeless sci-fi writer. One thing you’ll notice about this series is it’s high budget. If this episode wasn’t so absurd, it could pass for an episode of COPS.

[Watch ‘Script Cops’ on CRACKLE]

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