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Senator Byrd on Dog Fights | West Virginia Politician is Simply Barbaric

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Senator Byrd on Dog Fights | West Virginia Politician is Simply Barbaric

While the issue of animal rights is truly an important one, there are some things that can kill just about any speech. Repeating the same word six times in one minute and ten seconds is one such fatal error.

Watching this you would never think that rhetoric and oratory are skills that have been practiced and developed for over 3000 years.

I cannot possibly imagine what Byrd could have possibly been thinking when he drafted this speech. In fact, he may not even have intended to say the word that many times, but rather upon first uttering it he just liked the way that it felt.

Despite its colonial connotations, the word does trip off the tongue rather nicely. Nonetheless, perhaps next time he could mix it up with a few synonyms.

Also, I love how he never explicitly mentions dogs in his little speech. Taken out of context, he could be talking about just about anything. Save the Pokemon!

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  1. Matthew

    August 21, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    True. Senator Byrd is a classic politician. While I am glad that the Senator believes in a hell, I have to wonder where has the senator’s condemnation been regarding the issue of abortion?

  2. Matthew

    August 21, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Since Senator Byrd strongly denounces animal cruelty, should we assume that the same senator abhors the intentional killing of unborn human life?

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