Sesame Street footage is ripe to be manipulated, as this YouTube video shows. We get to see Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Bert, and Ernie play some thrash metal in the form of Slayer. And they well and truly rock out.

Sesame Street may be a classic children’s television show, but it’s also one of the best TV shows for producing mash-ups. We’ve already seen Bert and Ernie both starring in a mafia film and playing the drums, and now they’re involved yet again.

Oscar takes the role of lead singer, while Grover manages to take on the lead guitar while holding an acoustic guitar. Which is simply amazing. Bert and Ernie take on the responsibility of drumming. It takes both of them to manage it.

This is a great metal song made better by seeing characters from Sesame Street performing it. Maybe there’s a solution here for bands unwilling or unable to make their own music videos – just hire Oscar, Grover, Bert and Ernie to star in one.

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