Yesterday we were treated to the highlights of Barack Obama’s speech at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in which the U.S. President pwned Republican hopeful Donald Trump. It turns out that was just the warm-up…

Trump remained in the firing line when Saturday Night Live comedian Seth Meyers took to the stage. Obama and his team of speech-writers clearly reined it in when mocking Trump, but Meyers didn’t hold back at all.

Trump didn’t look happy as Meyers took potshot after potshot at him. The vitriol on display was harsh but funny because it all came with an element of truth.

Trump has reacted by trying to suggest he enjoyed the jokes at his expense, and the reason he was targeted is because the other side know he’s a threat. Or maybe they just think you’re an absolute prat with a joke haircut and zero chance of being President. No?

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