Extreme sports aren’t for me. Well I say that but I haven’t actually ever tried any of them. Which is, I guess, why they aren’t for me – I’m too scared of puncturing a lung or being buried in an avalanche to even give them a go.

However, some people thrive on danger, especially those who have taken the art of extreme sports to a whole new level. Meet Shaun White, probably the best-known snowboarder. He even has his own video game.

But not even Shaun White is perfect, as this video ably demonstrates.

During a practice run, he attempts a difficult stunt only to smash his face into the ice half-pipe. His helmet flies off, his head snaps back, and he slides down the ramp.

Luckily, and quite amazingly, White didn’t suffer any injury from the crash, and actually went on to take gold medal. But he could have been paralyzed or even killed. I think I’ll stick to being a boring bastard.

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