According to certain doctors, Lyme disease may be the fastest growing hidden infectious disease in the United States. However, politics prevent the disease from being recognized and many insurance companies don’t insure those with Lyme disease.

This trailer for the 2009 documentary Under Our Skin aims to prove that Lyme disease is indeed a real threat to American citizens.

Just being the “average Joe,” I had no idea what Lyme disease was or how dangerous it could be before watching this trailer. If the disease really doesn’t exist (as certain politicians and scientists claim) then we aren’t in trouble- but then how would you explain all of the cases in this video?

After watching the documentary Sicko, I’ve become more aware of how politics can negatively influence the health care system in our country. Since this documentary has yet to be released, I’m going to reserve my judgment for now. At the very least, those suffering finally have a film to spread awareness.

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