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You can’t beat a nice cocktail in the summer. Lots of ice, lots of alcohol, lots of variety to get you head thumping. And there is no better cocktail than a margarita – it’s simple, tasty, and very effective.

There are many different ways of making margaritas. Some use a lot of alcohol, others use lots of different types. Some blend the ice in, some leave it floating. They’re all correct but vary the taste massively.

This video shows Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girls’ Margarita. With me not being skinny or a girl does that mean this drink isn’t for me? That would be a shame as it looks very tasty.

It’s a good, solid margarita recipe. The only part I’d question is the “four count” measure of tequila. I’d rather measure it thanks, especially as different people will pour at different speeds. And there’s no way she counts to 16 in this clip.

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