This video is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) from the South Australian government. It tries to persuade people to get flu shots in order to stop the spread of flu, supposedly both swine flu and regular flu.

It may not persuade me to get a flu shot but it has convinced me to always cover my nose and mouth when I sneeze. Not that I don’t already try to, you understand, but a sneeze can often take you by surprise and you don’t catch it in time.

The start of this video is comical because the people about to sneeze look as if they’re about to do something which sees a different bodily fluid excreted from the body altogether. Yes, they pull sex faces.

But then they sneeze and the truth is revealed. It’s both awesome and disgusting to see a sneeze in slow motion – I must admit to not having realized gunk came out of both the nose and the mouth before now.

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