Posted in: Internet TV Tips, News and Online TV Software & Tools by Iman Peera on November 26, 2007

Those days of paying for video calling are over. Actually, those days of using a program to make video calls are over too.

Unlike most video conferencing services, SnapYap offers stress-free video communication with absolutely nothing to install.

Think of it as Skype video, but through a web browser. Basically, if you have a webcam and Adobe Flash on your computer, you can use this program to call anyone in the world. You can even talk to a friend though SnapYap who doesn’t have a SnapYap account.


Not only can you send and receive video messages with SnapYap, but you are able to use their service as a video answering machine. Just embed the SnapYap application to any webpage (or blog) and other people can leave messages on it.

[SnapYap Website]

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