Charlie Sheen takes a serious mocking at the hands of the SNL crew as the former Two and a Half Men star gets given his own chat show entitled Duh! Winning.

Sheen seems to think messing up in public is ‘winning’, because he’s clearly lost all touch with reality. Still, why not give him his own chat show where he can interview other ‘winners’ such as John Galliano and Colonel Gaddafi?

OK, so it’s fake and only part of Saturday Night Live, but all the cast do such a fantastic job that it’s kind of believable. Bill Hader in particular is superb, doing a very convincing Charlie Sheen.

Hell, even Miley Cyrus does a good job as Lindsay Lohan, and in a different sketch an even better job as Justin Bieber. Despite it being a bit rich for one overexposed arrogant child star to take the piss out of another of her kind.

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