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Lacey And Kameron Steal The Show | So You Think You Can Dance Vid Clips

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Lacey And Kameron Steal The Show | So You Think You Can Dance Vid Clips

Taking after big brother Benji, Lacey not only wows the judges, but also TV and online audiences alike. Not to take away credit from Kameron, who I had no problem whatsoever watching (or drooling over for that matter), but it seems little sister Lacey stole the show the first night of on-stage performances.

The chemistry is definitely there, and if you don’t feel something when they are dancing (even if it is just laughter!), then you must be a block of ice.

I definitely enjoyed their contemporary dance, choreographed by the hardest-to-get choreographer from the show, Miss Mia Michaels, and it looks like fans of So You Think You Can Dance have picked an early favorite.

I just have to add that Wade Robson is also a genius, and his unique contemporary-pop style sure stands out amongst the rest. Check out Sara and Jesus’ fun, 1920s vagabond salute, as well as a Wade favorite from last year featuring the top 10 dancers, or I mean zombies.

Some Wade Robson Favorites…

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