Sony’s Monday night PlayStation 4 press conference at E3 revealed several long-awaited details about the new console, and showed off some of the more notable titles in development.

Like Microsoft’s Xbox announcement earlier in the day, Sony ended its press conference with one of the most important details: the PlayStation 4 will retail for $399 when it ships this holiday season.

This price tag puts the PS4 at a full $100 less than the Xbox One, which Microsoft revealed will get a $499 price tag when it ships in November. The PS4 $399.99 at Amazon doesn’t seem to include the new PlayStation Eye camera and Sony hasn’t announced how much storage space it will have compared to the Xbox One’s 500GB hard drive, but the price difference could play a big role when shoppers decide which console to buy this holiday season.

Sony also announced a cloud-based gaming system in partnership with Gaikai that will allow PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners to play a selection of PS3 games immediately, streamed over the Internet through Gaikai’s technology. The feature won’t be available on the PS4 at launch, but is planned for 2014 with PlayStation Vita support expected after it hits the PS3 and PS4.

While the PlayStation 4′s contrasting points with the Xbox One are the biggest subject of discussion, PS4 games took center stage at the press conference. Several exclusives were highlighted, along with a few surprise announcements. According to Tretton, over 140 PS4 games are in development, and over 100 will be released in the PS4′s first year.

Playstation is where it’s at. Make the right decision.

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