Posted in: Action Videos, Automobiles, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News and Video On Demand by Julie Popp on April 21, 2008

I fish tailed a couple of times in my early years behind the wheel; once going probably 10 miles an hour and nearly collided with my friend’s parked car (small towns for ya), and another time going 20 miles an hour or so and nearly ending up in a ditch (luckily we were only half way in the ditch).

Talk about some close calls. But, both times I was certainly not going over 70 mile per an hour on a freeway passing other cars and driving like a total maniac. Ok, I was a little of a maniac, but not total.

I would be having a big heart attack, and it would be equal whether I was behind the wheel or behind the car going out of control. Somehow, this guy managed to get control and slow down on the side of the road.

The original video said he was going 150 mph, but I think it was probably closer to 150 kph. Either way, close call and lucky guy.

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