Weird Al Yankovic has really put spoof songs on the map with his takes on classic pop records over the past 20 years. And many people have taken hold of the baton he has passed to them and created their own.

This music video is for a song called Show Me Your Genitals by Jon Lajoie. The title doesn’t really leave much to the imagination and the song is as downright rude and nasty as you’d think it was. Luckily, it’s also very funny.

Before anyone complains, you have to realize that it’s a spoof take on the usual hip-hop fare we’re subjected to, with rappers talking about bitches, hoes, how many women they’ve slept with, and all sorts of other sexist crap.

Lajoie may not be the next Tupac or Kanye West but his songs are a damn sight funnier and more entertaining. He’s also spot on really – women’s genitalia is beautiful, especially compared to men’s.

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