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STACKtv: Videos “For The Athlete By The Athlete” | Train, Eat, and Sleep Like The Pros


STACKtv: Videos “For The Athlete By The Athlete” | Train, Eat, and Sleep Like The Pros


STACKtv is unlike any other online sports network you’ve seen before. Instead of obsessing over professional athletes (although they do appear quite often on the site), the site’s main focus is primarily on the most important athlete…


STACKtv is a side project by STACK magazine which was founded by two former collegiate football athletes Nick Palazzo and Chad Zimmerman. It currently maintains a large 3.5 million subscription base catering to mostly high school students.

Main Channels

On STACKtv, you’ll find numerous channels (including ones from sponsors), but the four main ones are as follows:

  • Training: watch and learn exercises and drills
  • The Life: success stories from the pros
  • Fuel: How to balance your nutrition
  • Events: anything from pro days to award shows

Shaun Phillips: Pre-Game Meals

In this video from the FUEL section of the site, linebacker Shaun Phillips shares his pre-game meal tips.

[Watch STACKtv]

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. shelley miller

    August 3, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    We are trying to come up with a couple of menus of pre game meals for high school volleyball players and would like some suggestions of meals that can easily be brought to the school and offered to the team 2-3 hours prior to games.
    In the video, Shaun mentioned a little pasta… Just plain? Any other ideas besides omelet?

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