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Steve Jobs and President Bush Mad TV Spoof (Vid)| The New iRack

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Steve Jobs and President Bush Mad TV Spoof (Vid)| The New iRack

Don’t you just love parodies!? There are so many hidden meanings in this short video clip from Mad TV, spoofing Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, and the current President of the US of A, George Bush, I don’t know where to begin.

Here we get to watch a portrayal of “Jobs” himself, the not-so-geeky genius behind Apple’s babies like the Mac and the iPod, introducing a new metaphorical Apple product, that inconsequently makes me think of the current American President, Dubya, and his administration’s “policy” on Iraq.

Jobs is introducing new “i” products (is there an “i” in team?) meant to complement the existing line of one-of-a-kind, virus free products, including the iBook, the iPhone, the iPod and a couple of new ones, including the new and improved “iRack.” Well, what is this new “iRack” you ask? Watch and be enlightened…

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