There has been intense speculation for the past year or so about whether Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, is in ill health or not. The rumors started due to Jobs looking very thin in his Macworld keynote speech in 2008.

Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004, and ever since, the world and his mother seems to have been obsessed with whether he’s about to be taken ill again.

This speculation hit a high point when it was announced that Jobs wouldn’t be delivering the keynote speech at the 2009 Macworld Expo. But apple issued a statement explaining that Jobs was suffering from a hormone imbalance.

Regardless, hackers from the 4Chan BBS managed to fool the world into thinking Jobs had died by infiltrating MacRumors live update feed from the conference. Funny, granted, but also very, very sick.

This video shows Steve Jobs over the years delivering some of his favorite lines, over and over again. Which shows that while he hasn’t died in real life, he can occasionally die on stage.

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