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Student Tasered At John Kerry Speech (Vid) | Caught on Tape

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Student Tasered At John Kerry Speech (Vid) | Caught on Tape

With today’s cell phone and video technologies literally at everyone’s fingertips, amateur videos are more and more common for catching today’s news in the act, as it is an easy medium that can find its way online and spread like wildfire.

This poor student was caught on “tape” (such an outdated phrase, isn’t it?!) by what appears to be someone’s cell phone, getting arrested for “Insighting a Riot.” Wow, that is a big charge for asking a politician a question, don’t you think?

I can completely understand the police, though. They are trained for these situations, and if I had some guy struggling with me and who was quite upset, I would have to do what I was trained to do to calm him down and prevent any incidences with innocent bystanders.

Definitely feel bad for the kid, but I’ve been there before, and my advice is… don’t fight the police. They will win and they will beat you down. If he had silently complied, I wouldn’t even be making this post right now.

Oh, and here’s the question, caught by yet another cell phone…

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