Subwoofer Cat Video | Some Felines Are Hard To Annoy – Even When The Bass Is Pumping

37 sec read

Cats are incredible animals. They’re more intelligent than dogs, more fun than goldfish, and faster-moving than your average tortoise. They also have bags of patience, with some being almost impossible to annoy or wind up.

This video shows what happens when you pitch a cat against a very loud, very bassy subwoofer speaker. Some would obviously run a mile, some would lash out. But this cat? He or she sits there perfectly calm, probably enjoying the thumping music.

Even more impressive than that is the fact this feline carries on cleaning itself despite the rumbling going on under its bum. This must either be a stunt cat or maybe even a robotic one created in Japan.

I do wonder what it would actually take to piss this cat off. A pull of the tail? A firework up the arse? Strapping it into a remote-controlled car and pretending its Jensen Button? Who knows what this cat can take?!?

NB: Please don’t do any of these things to your cat… it’ll have your eyes out.


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