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This video shows the Super 8 movie trailer shown during the 2011 Super Bowl. It’s short and gives very little away about the plot, but it’s enough to convince me I need to see the film.

Super 8
has been produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by J.J. Abrams, which is a scarily-talented combination. And it’s a project shrouded in secrecy.

From what little has been released, and can be ascertained from the trailer, Super 8 refers to the video camera being used by a group of teenagers to make a film. Unfortunately for them a government train crashes in their town and something very real and very dangerous emerges from the wreckage.

Super 8 isn’t being released in the U.S. until June, and other countries are going to have to wait even longer than that. No wonder Spielberg and Abrams are still just teasing what Super 8 is about.

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