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Super Swine Submarine Sandwich – Epic Meal Time

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Super Swine Submarine Sandwich – Epic Meal Time

Epic meal time has done it again with the sickest sub sandwich you could imagine. I don’t know about you guys, but the amount of meat these people use is just horrendous. If not absolutely mind-blowingly delicious!

All you epic carnivores get ready because these mofos are declaring: “We make the swiniest, greasiest sandwich on the entire internet! Show me a sandwich loaded with more pork than this and I’ll show you a dead body by the train tracks!”

My only note: You guys should go to a homeless shelter and make them the best meal ever. All your fans know you got it in you! Why keep all that fatty good eatin’ to yourselves?

If you enjoy their culinary skills as much as I do, watch their new howto cooking show, “Handle It!”
Check out the cook book:
and the cooking arsenal:

P.S. Where the hell did that glasses guy go? What’s his name? Muscles?

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