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Teaching Baby To Swim Video | Child Cruelty?

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Teaching Baby To Swim Video | Child Cruelty?

Humans are natural swimmers, although some obviously take to it better than others. But it’s a good skill to possess, and the younger we learn that we can swim the better.

However, I’m not sure whether that justifies pushing a two-year-old kid into a swimming pool and keeping him in there to see if he’ll swim around like Michael Phelps.

Some people have really not taken kindly to this video, calling for the parents to be drowned or for the child to be taken out of their custody because this is some form of cruelty.

I disagree. Sure, it’s not the best thing to do to a child but they watched him at all times to make sure he didn’t sink to the bottom and drown, and when the kid matures a little he’ll probably find he’s unafraid of the water and is able to swim well.

So, no harm done.

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