When American television is at its best, it is truly awe-inspiring. I’m thinking 24, Lost, CSI, and all those other great serial dramas which look and feel more like movies these days.

But all American TV is good. News shows are biased, ill-informed, and over-opinionated. And American reality TV seems fake, staged, and over-produced.

I have to wonder whether Rozlyn Papa’s supposed scandal on The Bachelor falls into that category.

The story goes that Rozlyn, a contestant on the latest series of the show, had an “inappropriate relationship” with one of the producers. But there is evidence to suggest the whole thing has been blown out of all proportion for reasons of publicity.

I doubt the real truth will ever come out. As viewers seem content on watching fictionalized reality TV so long as it’s entertaining. I don’t know about you but I prefer my reality TV to be real rather than fake.

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