The Effects Of Having a Gastric Bypass Video | Boogie2988 Reveals Truth

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Just over one year ago, YouTuber Boogie2988, who some people will know as his alter-ego Francis, had a gastric bypass fitted. This is his story.

Boogie2988 used to be hundreds of pounds overweight. Then he shifted enough weight to allow him to have a gastric bypass. Now, he’s eating better and losing weight.

This video is Boogie2988 giving his viewers an update after one year. And he talks candidly about the effects of having a gastric bypass.

It turns out that even with a gastric bypass it’s still a hard slog to lose weight. And then you’re left with masses of loose skin.

Still, losing so much weight is an incredible achievement, and I personally hope Boogie2988 keeps getting fitter and healthier.


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