This guy knows no limits and doesn’t know how to take it easy on the snowboard. After taking gold at the Olympics, it is not a surprise that he is seeing gold again, in double vision, at the 2008 Winter X Games.

Rocking it in superpipe and slopestyle, The Flying Tomato, or some would prefer Shaun White, blows away his competition and nabs gold in both styles. Flying refers to his ability to fly through the air, regardless of the weather or the competition, and tomato conveniently refers to the stark red hue of his curly hair.

Going military style, check out Shaun ripping it up in the Superpipe, and there are some awesome pic shots of him on the ESPN X Games website. If I could do half of what this guy could do… ok ok, I can’t even go goofy, but I would like to learn!

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