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The Goal Of The Year Video | Or Just Lucky?

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The Goal Of The Year Video | Or Just Lucky?

This goal comes in a soccer match between Wolfsburg and Bayern Munich, both in the German Bundesliga. Grafite scores a goal which the commentator continually describes as “the goal of the year.” I beg to differ.

It looks impressive, of that there is no doubt, but goal of the year? I don’t think so.

The defending is terrible. None of the players seem willing to stand their ground and defend the eventual goal scorer. I know they need to avoid giving away a penalty but at least do something to stop him getting past.

Grafite is a bad dribbler of a ball. He keeps losing control of it and then having to rescue it from the toes of a defender. You can see this clearly on the slow-motion replay. He ends up having to back heel it into the goal because he overplayed it when he had a chance to score in a more conventional manner.

Goal of the year? Goal of the week maybe but even that’s pushing it. This commentator isn’t very good, which is probably why he’s talking about German football.

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