Posted in: Action Videos, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Drama, Movies, News, Video On Demand and Violent Videos by Dave Parrack on January 28, 2012

The Grey is a new movie showing what could happen if you ever get stranded in a winter wonderland with a pack of hungry, starving wolves who are baying for blood. Need I say more?

OK, you need a little more. How about the fact, as you can clearly see in the red band trailer embedded above, that Liam Neeson is the lead actor. Liam Neeson kicks ass, almost as much as Chuck Norris.

There has been criticism over the film’s portrayal of wolves as bloodthirsty beasts. So what?!? It’s a bloody film, metaphorically and literally, so get over it.

This is a must-see movie for me. One of the finest actors fighting off hordes of wolves? Yeah, I’ll have some of that please.

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