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YouTube LogoYouTube is quickly establishing itself as a testing ground for new television shows to prove they have the potential audience to make a go of it on the networks.

Hence, here we have a professional looking pilot for a new show called The Hicks, which as the title suggests is about some Southern hicks (whose surname also happens to be Hick) making its début on YouTube.

Southerners In New York

The show follows the Hick family of parents Vern and Violet, along with their young daughter Lola as they find themselves in New York to support her blossoming television career.

Think about the Beverly Hillbillies brought up to date and you’ll be halfway there at least. This first episode gives a short introduction to the main characters and storyline.

The Hicks – Episode 1

The situation is funny enough, although quite old hat. The comedy writing meanwhile showed some flashes of inspiration which at least give me cause to want to see more episodes.

I’m not sure that this show could succeed on traditional TV in its current form, but as a Web TV show, the makers could be on to a viral winner.

[The Hicks Online]

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