You may think you’ve seen the pinnacle of over-the-top fighting scenes with The Matrix. But no, this video goes way beyond that. You actually haven’t seen anything until you’ve watched Rajini Kanth kicking ass in true Bollywood style.

While Keanu Reeves may have looked the part – dark sunglasses, leather trench coat – Kanth eschews all that for a simple t-shirt and denim jacket combo straight out of Miami Vice. The mustache, perm, and aviator shades rip-offs complete the ensemble.

OK, so he looks bad but he can beat a big group of men up without even breaking a sweat. Watch as he flips men from car bonnet to car windscreen. Or as he pauses in mid-air after jumping as if he’s had a red hot poker shoved up his behind.

I could seriously watch this all day without getting bored. And if I ever meet Rajini Kanth in a dark alleyway? I’ll crap my pants and run in the opposite direction. He’d still beat me up but at least I’d feel like I made an effort to escape.

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