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The Minisode Network | Your Favorite Off-Air Shows In Short Order

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The Minisode Network | Your Favorite Off-Air Shows In Short Order

Minisode Network

Seventies, eighties and nineties TV series fans now have a place to watch many of their favorite episodes of their favorites TV “classics,” from Fantasy Island to Silver Spoons to Charlie’s Angels.

The network is not just delivering the episodes, but they are shorter so you can get most of the episode and waste less time. The Minisode Network is exclusively available on MySpace, but you don’t need to have a MySpace page to check them out.

Finally, we can take the road of nostalgia in the far far away world of television that doesn’t consist of shows my parents are even too old to watch, like that one with the beaver kid. And, The Minisode Network seems to understand the need of today’s web TV viewers, and TV viewers in general. In the day of the DVR, we want our information fast, now and without interruption.

The minisodes are limited, and new ones are added every week, but it is still a great source to watch some of your favorite new oldies.

The Minisode Network.

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