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The Next Internet Millionaire Show | A New Reality TV Show – Make Money Online


The Next Internet Millionaire Show | A New Reality TV Show – Make Money Online

The Next Internet Millionaire

The Next Internet Millionaire is a new online reality television show produced and presented by Joel Comm, an Internet entrepreneur himself who has been making money online for 20 years. We first got wind of the show earlier this month and instantly got hooked by the impressive teaser.

The site has a really nice layout and feel to it, with a professional quality sadly lacking on some Web TV channels. You can tell this has someone who knows what they’re doing behind it.

The premise of the show is obviously to create the next Internet millionaire while passing tips and knowledge about the money making power of the web to the masses.

Twelve contestants will learn from people who have made money online, and compete for $25,000 in cash prizes. The ultimate winner will win the chance to take part in a joint money making venture with Joel Comm himself.

The First Episode

As with every reality television show, some of the contestants are instantly annoying, but it’s a good mix of people, and I very much enjoyed the first episode of the show.

It’s a great idea for a show, mixing Reality TV, and making money on the Internet, two things I am very interested in. I’ll keep watching until the end, and I recommend you do the same.

[The Next Internet Millionaire]

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