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The Prisoner (Video Trailer) AMC & ITV Remake | Win Tickets for UK Screening

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The Prisoner (Video Trailer) AMC & ITV Remake | Win Tickets for UK Screening

Created by Patrick McGoohan The Prisoner was a spy fiction television series with elements of science fiction and psychological drama that gained a cult following when it debuted in 1967.

Starring Patrick McGoohan The Prisoner told a story of a former British spy who decided to quit his job and all of a sudden found himself held hostage in a mysterious village that was cut off from the mainland and surrounded by mountains.

Hundreds of people live in this mysterious village and they do not have names, only numbers that are given to them according to where they belong in the Village’s hierarchy.

The titular character goes by the name Number Six and is questioned by the Village’s authority to give information on why he has resigned his job. Number Six also plots an escape but is thwarted by the Village’s authority and their security system.

The Prisoner had it’s cult status confirmed on a number of occasions – it came as number 7 on the TVGuide’s list of top 25 cult shows ever and it came at number 10 on the Uncut magazine list of films, books and TV shows that changed the world.

Jointly produced by ACM and ITV the remake of The Prisoner will premiere on ACM network in the United States on November 15th 2009 – it stars James Caviezel as Number Six and Ian McKellen as Number Two.

ITV is giving away 24 tickets for UK screening of The Prisoner that will be held on November 17th 2009 at the Oden West End in London.

First two episodes will be shown on the big screen just 48 hours after the American premiere and a number of people involved with the production of the series will be present for the screening. The competition is open to UK residents and you can learn more about it at ITV’s The Prisoner website.

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