Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Comedy TV & Video, News, Off The Wall, Tech Related and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on July 24, 2012

That stuff you thought you knew about gadgets? That’s all wrong, I’m afraid. The reality is much creepier.

This video shows a guy – a character named Max X – discovering the truth about how gadgets work. All those components and circuit boards are nice and all, but they still need little people to operate them.

We see a couple of phones getting smashed on the floor, at which point little people climb out and scoot off. Then we see that the radio, oven, and dishwasher are similarly-operated by little people.

But wait… Max X goes to his job at a random corporation and we realize he is also just a little person doing a thankless task providing the pixels for a widescreen television.

This is funny, clever, and a perfect analogy for the rat race.

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