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The Simpsons explain why they are still on the air (1992) Video!

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The Simpsons explain why they are still on the air (1992) Video!

“Hey dad, how come they’re taking the Cosby show off the air?” -> “Because Mr. Cosby wanted to stop before the quality suffered.” -> “Quality…if I had a t.v. show I’d run the sucker into the ground!” -> “Amen, boy, amen.”

Short, but sweet and oh so true. Just how we Americans like it. But it appears, shows like this are still a hit and popular even after they cease running on our new flat screen t.v.’s.

But think about it. The Simpsons are still awesome. They haven’t run out of ideas like Spongebob. The show has always had pop culture references, and celebrities who guest star on certain episodes. Even the latest episodes of Family Guy aren’t all that funny. The show has been the same. It’s just people have lost interest.

Honestly, would you sit down and watch an episode of Simpsons on a Sunday night instead of doing something else or watching one of the more popular shows like Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? People just grow out of cartoons, I guess. But we can still appreciate them for what they are. Just look at Adventure Time! One day, even that will be in the past.

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