Sedated Kitten Video | Drunken Cat after Encounter with the Vet

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This kitten just got back from a heavily sedated session at the vets and he’s flying high as a kite. I feel bad for the little creature but I can’t help laughing as I watch the fur-ball struggle to stand up and walk dizzily across the floor.

The cute thing tries to take a sip of water from its bowl but just can’t manage it and unwillingly sits in the middle of the floor with its head spinning. I know kittens love to hunt but I don’t think this little Kitty will be hunting any little Tweety Pies in that drunken state.

If you’ve had your own cat since it was a little kitty you’ve probably had the same experience of watching your dazed and confused cat walking around after an encounter with the vet.

If you do have a cat then I have a feeling that you might just be interested in watching some cat health video tips at PetStyle TV.

Have I seen this Cat Before?

That cat does look like it has just come back from a heavy night on the town. I think it could be the same cat that appeared in the Bacardi Breezer commerical and has just returned from an alcohol fueled night of partying:


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